Month: April 2012

Pakistan Tahreek Insaf annouces movement of protection of Justice on 6th May

Eyes On Me


“If you are afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful!…”

“Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.”


When I Miss You, I Just Open Your Profile ….

Din pareshan hy

LoL so true


دیوانے بے حال بہت
قدم قدم پہ جال بہت
پیار مخبت کال بہت
اور اسی عالم میں سائیاں
گزر گئے ھیں سال بہت
سائیاں میری راتیں گم
ساون گم ،برساتیں گم
لب گم گشتہ، باتیں گم
تنہائی گم،جھاتیں گم
جیون کے اس صحرا میں
سب جتیں ،سب ماتیں گم
سائیاں میرا درد گھٹا
سائیاں میرے زخم چھپا
سائیاں میرے عیب چھپا
سائیاں کوئی نوید سنا
اتنے کالے موسم میں
سائیاں اپنا آپ دکھا

Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gilani guilty of contempt

However, the court gave Mr Gilani only a symbolic sentence and he will not have to serve any time in jail.

Mr Gilani had denied that he had been in contempt for failing to reopen corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.

Mr Gilani had argued that the president, who rejects the corruption charges, has immunity as head of state.

The three-month trial ended on Tuesday when defence and prosecution counsels concluded their arguments.

Arriving at the Supreme Court on Thursday morning, Mr Gilani was surrounded by media and his supporters, some of whom showered him with rose petals. Read More

Paying fine for Hijab in France

2 killed, over 100 injured in Lahore railway station blast

At least two people have been killed and over 35 including women and children injured in a blast near railway station in Lahore, officials said on Tuesday.
Police confirmed that a blast took place at Platform No 2 during rush hours that killed three people. According to reports, a bomb was kept in a bag near the booking counter of the Business Train.
Police said that two people including Muhammad Boota (porter) and Baba Siddque (Constable) lost their lives in the incident.
The blast took place five minutes after the Awami Express train stopped at the platform. The train had arrived from Rawalpindi.
Officials of the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) said around 8-10kg of explosive material was used in this blast. According to their initial findings, it was a time-device. Read More