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WPA / WPA2 PSK (33GB)Rainbow Tables



Spooftooph 0.5.2 – Automated spoofing or cloning Bluetooth device

Spooftooph is designed to automate spoofing or cloning Bluetooth device Name, Class, and Address. Cloning this information effectively allows Bluetooth device to hide in plain site. Bluetooth scanning software will only list one of the devices if more than one device in range shares the same device information when the devices are in Discoverable Mode (specificaly the same Address).


  • Clone and log Bluetooth device information
  • Generate a random new Bluetooth profile
  • Change Bluetooth profile every X seconds
  • Specify device information for Bluetooth interface
  • Select device to clone from scan log

Usage : To modify the Bluetooth adapter, spooftooth must be run with root privileges. Spooftooph offers five modes of usage: Read More

BeEF – Browser Exploitation Framework

The Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) is a powerful professional security tool. It is a penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser. BeEF is pioneering techniques that provide the experienced penetration tester with practical client side attack vectors.


Unlike other security frameworks, BeEF focuses on leveraging browser vulnerabilities to assess the security posture of a target. This project is developed solely for lawful research and penetration testing.
BeEF hooks one or more web browsers as beachheads for the launching of directed command modules. Each browser is likely to be within a different security context, and each context may provide a set of unique attack vectors. Read More

Joomscan updated – now can identify 673 joomla vulnerabilities

Security Team Web-Center just released an updated for Joomscan Security Scanner. The new database Have 673 joomla vulnerabilities


Joomla! is probably the most widely-used CMS out there due to its flexibility, user friendlinesss, extensibility to name a few.So, watching its vulnerabilities and adding such vulnerabilities as KB to Joomla scanner takes ongoing activity.It will help web developers and web masters to help identify possible security weaknesses on their deployed Joomla! sites. Read More

ExploitShield Browser Edition – Forget about browser vulnerabilities


ExploitShield Browser Edition protects against all known and unknown 0-day day vulnerability exploits, protecting users where traditional antivirus and security products fail. It consists of an innovative patent-pending vulnerability-agnostic application shielding technology that prevents malicious vulnerability exploits from compromising computers.
Includes “shields” for all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and browser all components such as Java, Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave. Blocks all exploit kits such as Blackhole, Sakura, Phoenix, Incognito without requiring any signature updates. Read More

TXDNS v 2.2.1 – Aggressive multithreaded DNS digger

TXDNS is a Win32 aggressive multithreaded DNS digger. Capable of placing, on the wire, thousands of DNS queries per minute. TXDNS main goal is to expose a domain namespace trough a number of techniques:
— Typos: Mised, doouble and transposde keystrokes;
— TLD/ccSLD rotation;
— Dictionary attack;
— Full Brute-force attack: alpha, numeric or alphanumeric charsets.

New features:

  • Support AAAA(IPv6)record queries:
    • -rr AAAA;
  • Rewrite summarizing statistics using a thread-safe algorithm instead mutex. Read More

NetSleuth : Open source Network Forensics And Analysis Tools


NetSleuth identifies and fingerprints network devices by silent network monitoring or by processing data from PCAP files.

NetSleuth is an opensource network forensics and analysis tool, designed for triage in incident response situations. It can identify and fingerprint network hosts and devices from pcap files captured from Ethernet or WiFi data (from tools like Kismet).

It also includes a live mode, silently identifying hosts and devices without needing to send any packets or put the network adapters into promiscuous mode (“silent portscanning”).
NetSleuth is a free network monitoring, cyber security and network forensics analysis (NFAT) tool that provides the following features: Read More

SSLsplit v 0.4.5 – Man-in-the-middle attacks against SSL/TLS

SLsplit is a tool for man-in-the-middle attacks against SSL/TLS encrypted network connections. Connections are transparently intercepted through a network address translation engine and redirected to SSLsplit. SSLsplit terminates SSL/TLS and initiates a new SSL/TLS connection to the original destination address, while logging all data transmitted. SSLsplit is intended to be useful for network forensics and penetration testing.

Change Log:

  • Add support for 2048 and 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman
  • Fix syslog error messages
  • Fix threading issues in daemon mode .
  • Fix address family check in netfilter NAT lookup
  • Fix build on recent glibc systems
  • Minor code and build process improvements

Read More

PySQLi – Python SQL injection framework

PySQLi is a python framework designed to exploit complex SQL injection vulnerabilities. It provides dedicated bricks that can be used to build advanced exploits or easily extended/improved to fit the case.
PySQLi is thought to be easily modified and extended through derivated classes and to be able to inject into various ways such as command line, custom network protocols and even in anti-CSRF HTTP forms.
PySQLi is still in an early stage of development, whereas it has been developed since more than three years. Many features lack but the actual version but this will be improved in the next months/years. Read More

PwnStar latest version with new Exploits released

A bash script to launch a Soft AP, configurable with a wide variety of attack options. Includes a number of index.html and server php scripts, for sniffing/phishing. Can act as multi-client captive portal using php and iptables.  Launches classic exploits such as evil-PDF. De-auth with aireplay, airdrop-ng or MDK3.

Changes and New Features

  • “hotspot_3″ is a simple phishing web page, used with basic menu option 4.
  • “portal_simple” is a captive portal which allows you to edit the index.html with the name of the portal eg “Joe’s CyberCafe”. It is used for sniffing.
  • “portal_hotspot3″ phishes credentials, and then allows clients through the portal to the internet
  • “portal_pdf” forces the client to download a malicious pdf in order to pass through the portal

Updated feature list: Read More